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This will be a scratchpad kind of space people can just write stuff down in. Ones that have interest for future development will get moved to their own space. If you have something new to add, just give it a header and people can discuss under the header. If you don't have write access, ask for it in chat. Open discussion of ideas in chat is also welcome and may find there way into this list if someone with an account notices it.

Abrazacaras (Face Hugger) Mob

Izzyb proposed a face hugger mob that lays eggs in the corps of it's victims. It was discussed on IRC with a compromise of having the mob lay eggs on the skeleton that hatch when you go to retrieve your stuff. This would be a mob found at the -1000 depth. A model will be needed for the mob. Farming them will require victims :)

The name Abrazacaras has been chosen, meaning facehugger in Spanish. An idea for the design of the model comes from the following meme. I'm thinking it'll be smaller though. And will hop not walk, thinking in a move like a knight in chess. With it able to make up to 3 hops in an attack. Thinking an attack will be an attempt to jump on your head.

Think I'll have it kill you by smothering you to death, so you're air bubbles will show up and you'll take damage like you were under water. You'll have to punch at it while on your head causing you to take some side effect damage in the process.

A larger "Queen" version could be possible also. Think I'll have it be slower but an instant kill if it gets you. It'd spawn an egg for the smaller version, so you'd have to worry about it's babies more then it. Could have it spawn with a couple skeletons with eggs on them already. Could be fun for teams of players to fight. Fallen friends would become new eggs you'd want to kill before they hatch type thing.

Give players something to worry about while raiding the warehouse level of the city.

Drug Crazed Techno Vampires

Mantar has been discussing the idea of a mob of paste exiles gone mad. They'd be a mob found in the city likely guarding something. They could be addicted to, and under the influence of Meta-Stim giving them the ability to fly!

Chameleon Creature

A discussion about a mob that can blend into and be hard to see on any surface was had in IRC. It'd have sleeping angle type properties where it would follow you but freeze and blend in to the node it was on so as to be hard to see. No discussion on type of attacks if any. Could be something that just follows you around. Could be a source of food maybe? Could be found on the surface as well as underground.


There has been discussion about adding radio as a technology you can explore in game. It would allow you to control the channels you see in chat. The idea being you would only be able to see or here people around you in normal game chat and all other chat would be put in different channels you would need a radio to switch between. We'd need to have an easy access to new users to switch to an emergency channel for help without the need of a radio.

This was discussed as one of many possible uses for copper. The addition of more ores to the game has come up a few times, but there isn't any in game need for it currently. Radio and electrical power are two possible uses for copper.

More Ore

Addition of more ore to the game has been discussed but there are no in game uses for it. Copper and gold are both on the list. Gold sculptures already exist in the game which present a plot hole in the overall game lore.

Exile Letter as Area Protection marker

Mantar proposed the idea of using the exile letter as a means to grant limited area protection. The idea would be that the letter would set ownership of the inside area of a building for which the letter is placed.

More Exile Stats

Discussion has been had about adding more player stats and history information for each of the players lives. Having the letters reflect the player that played the character is one improvement that is needed. Also allowing players to make notes about each of their lives would be nice. So you can keep track of important events in each of the lives you played. The cause of death should also be recorded on in the letter.

The letters are already used as grave markers in game play so they're a perfect place to record stats like how many days the character lived. How much game play was spent as that character. Note worthy achievements like reaching tech levels should be recorded.

Coloured blocks.

The idea of colourised blocks for building with has been discussed. Paint has been discussed as a solution. Mantar is investigating adding a tab to the existing dye table for making paint. It will require cooking a dye pot with whatever colour is in it to produce a paint dye. This will then be mixed to produce a paint. A paint brush will then be used to paint onto paintable surfaces. This is determined by whether it uses param2 data or not.

Coloured paint marks are also possible. It'll likely involve dipping the existing brushes into paint to set a colour for them.


Creating farmable soil from inhospitable grounds like sand or gravel by combining them with (ripe) compost which has been left in a composter (made from wood) for a good while. The composter can be filled with anything edible, woody, fibrous or potentially also a new biological waste item which could be obtained as a side product for example when peeling anperla.

Feature Requests.