Welcome to the Minetest Exile Game Wiki!

All things related to the Exile Minetest game or the Land of Catastrophe development Server are to be documented here.


Installing the Game

You only need to install the game if you wish to play locally in single player or if you wish to host your own server via the client. The easiest way to install the game locally is via Minetests built in Content Tab. Click the "Browse online content" button and search for exile. This will install the latest release published to ContentDB.

Online Multiplayer

You don't need to install the Exile game locally to play online. From Minetest's Join Game Tab, you can search for Exile and will find the Land of Catastrophe server in the list of public servers. You can also specify the address of a public or private server running the game. Minetest is smart enough to download the needed content from the server you connect to. This doesn't install the game locally however.


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