Game Chat

Land of Catastrophe

Game chat on the Land of Catastrophe server is connected to the IRC channel #exile hosted by IRCNOW. This is facilitated by the minetest IRC Mod. The mod is known by the nick EX in the #exile IRC channel. There is a bridge setup to Discord and Matrix networks.

Exile Development Servers

The Exile development servers all connect to the #exile-biomes channel hosted on the IRCNOW network. Each of the servers is known as EX# where # is the last digit of the port number used to connect to the server. This enables cross talk between the development servers as a side effect. There is a bridge setup to Discord and Matrix networks.

In game, you can send private messages to people connected to IRC using the /irc_msg command.

IRC Chat

Game chats are bridged to irc channels hosted on IRCNOW's network. Any of the servers in IRCNOW's network will give you access. The Land of Catastrophe server connects to The Exile Dev.Servers connects to An irc web client is available at or

Port: 6697 (tls), 6667 (no encryption)
Channels: #exile, #exile-biomes, #exile-dev, #minetest, #minetest-dev

You can send private messages to player in game like this:

 /msg EX @player_name message to send

Discord Bridge

You can connect via discord which supports voice chat as well as a text bridge to irc channel.

Matrix Bridge

Matrix also supports voice chat and has a bridge to the irc channel.