Part of the fun of Exile, is figuring out how to survive on your own in this world. There are things intended to be discovered through play, such as which plants are useful and for what. The intent is to base everything on real life processes, but that requires some knowledge that many players may not have, or not know how to implement within the game. This section of the wiki is intended to document how things work in game so players can reference it if they are struggling to figure things out on their own. Many of these pages contain spoilers. Where possible and practical, they will be hidden behind a link requiring you to click to see it. This is what it will look like:


As you progress through the game, you will gain knowledge and abilities through new crafting stations. There is no set path for progression, but some tech levels require you to have access to other technology to access them. A coloured bag for instance requires you to have discovered how to produce the desired dye, plus how to create a woven or cloth bag. You can go through the game never taking the time to discover dyes. You just wont be able to produce coloured items yourself. You may however find dyes or coloured items created by other players or mobs (no mobs currently exist that drop dyes or coloured items).