The crafting system in Exile is very different from the typical Minetest game. You start the game with a set of squares and a rectangle instead of the usual Minetest crafting grid. These are the crafting stations you start the game with and a resting space.

Each of the crafting spots provide you with a set of things you can create with the resources mentioned when you mouse over the items. If you have the needed items in your inventory then you can craft the item. Items you are able to build with the things in your inventory will be highlighted with a blue background.

Crafting SpotBasic crafting materials
Mixing SpotSoil mixing, slab and stair creation
Threshing SpotGet seeds from plants
Weaving SpotMake woven fibre or wooden wicker materials
Grinding SpotMake things from grinding boulders to shape
Hammering SpotHammer boulders into blocks or crush and mix them up
Resting SpotPlace to rest to restore energy when you don't have a bed