The first night is the most difficult. You arrive on the planet with nothing but your sentencing letter and your underwear. If you're lucky, it'll be daytime and the weather will be nice. If you're going to survive your exile, you need to find food, water, clothing, and shelter. The following scenario is a typical first night.

With a quick survey of your surroundings, you identify some plants you can get sticks from to build a fire, and plants you can use to weave into clothing. You gather as much as you can on your way to what looks like a cave you can find shelter in.

You build a fire using the crafting spot and make a sleeping matt and some clothing using the weaving spot. You don't have enough materials for a full set of cloths so you'll have to make due with only a hat and shirt for now. The fire alone may not be warm enough so a couple torches by the bed can warm things just enough that your temperature is comfortable (shown in white) again. If it's warm enough outsiMde, a couple tourches may be all that is needed.

At this point, we should have a closer look at the stats on your screen. It's important to keep an eye on them. The colour indicates the status.

Stat Colours

  • White - Good
  • Yellow - Warning
  • Red - Bad
  • Purple - Critical

Ideally you want all your stats to always be white, but this is difficult, especially in the beginning.

Note: the room temperature is shown above your inventory bar. Your body temperature, shown to the right, indicates if you have a fever or are suffering from hypothermia.

Resting is critical for restoring your energy. Running out of energy results in exhaustion, leaving you unable to move. The lower your energy, the more thirst and hunger your activities will consume. The lower your hunger and thirst, the more energy you consume and the slower it restores.

Back in the cave, your energy is purple and your thirst is red. You need fresh water for drinking (blue). You can't drink salt water (green). You notice water drops form on the ceiling of the cave (Left click to drink them).

It helps but you need a more predictable source. You find some wet sand blocks (not salty) and stack them up around a hole you make in the cave to drain the water into. It takes some time but eventually produces the desired results. Best to set this up early on arrival if it's your only source of water.

Right click with an empty hand to drink the water from the hole. There's a chance you can get sick drinking water from the ground like this. To avoid this, you want to drink from a water pot.

Food is the final priority on the list for the first night.