Mobs in Exile

Mobs aren't the primary threat in the game of Exile. You're far more likely to die from exhaustion then from being attacked. The most deadly mobs in the game are the Darkasthaan spider found deep underground and the Sarkamos shark found in salt water. Both can be avoided.

Killing mobs is more useful as a source of food then necessary for defence. Mobs can be captured and farmed by right clicking them with a club or mace, or by stealing and hatching eggs. Eggs can also be eaten for food or cooked in soups.

GunduSea LifeSmall fish you can kill, eat, and farm.
SarkamosSea LifeShark like creature that will eat you
SneachanBugSmall crawling bug
ImpethuBugSmall worm like bug
KubwakubwaSpiderSmall black Spider
DarkasthaanSpiderLarge White Spider
PegasunBirdChicken like bird you can kill, eat, and farm