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There is a mod called minimal which contains Exile specific overrides, variables, and functions. Long term plans are to rename this folder to mods/exile. This page documents what you'll find in this folder.


This is a library for managing infotext updates. It's intended to make it easy to add, delete, or modify lines in the infotext output using keys in the output. It also maintains a consistent order for the known keys. Keys are specified as anything before a : on the line. The following is an example of the expected output

Cooking Pot
Owner: singleplayer
Contents: Water
Status: Soup pot
Note: Add food to the pot to make soup

In this infotext, the first line is the node description which is grabbed from the node definition. The owner is also automatically set from the nodes meta data. The rest are passed to the main function minimal.infotext_merge().

    'Contents: Water',
    'Status: Soup pot',
    'Note: Add food to the pot to make soup',