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Izzy's castle is located at 7,,1300 on the Land of Catastrophe server.


Beneath the castle is a crypt with the bones and letters of many past exiles. Many are Izzy's past lives, but not all. Chances are good that if you die around the castle, you'll find your bones down here.





Guest Rooms

There is a lot of space in the castle for new players to call home while they learn the basics of the game and feel confident enough to go out to build a place of their own. Feel free to place protected blocks in a room you are using in the castle. Please avoid leaving protected blocks in other places where they'll be in the way of other players or annoy Izzy.

City Vent Shaft

The front tower of the castle covers a ventilation shaft for the ancient lost city below ground. It provides easy access for exploring the city below. These shafts are common in an Exile world. The placement of the castle was chosen because this ventilation shaft goes very deep bringing light to a garden you'll find close to the bottom of the shaft.